Round Two

We gathered a group of twelve women ranging from a nine-year old girl and her grandmother to a fifty-year old transwoman. We worked for several months getting to know them at their workplaces, high school cafeterias, and favorite bars. On November 18th, 2017, these twelve women came together for the first time for a shared day long adventure. Throughout San Francisco, we crafted spaces for our audience to meet each other under heightened, theatricalized circumstances. From the more public forum at YBCA, to the intimate countertops at Silver Crest Dinner, we produced creative social structures that facilitated conversation and exchange. Through these surprising situations, we tasked our audience to see themselves and each other differently, beyond the trappings of everyday life.  

This generosity of knowing and being known. In a world of fake news, hashtag everything, mindless tweets and Facebook bragging, the extraordinary generosity of someone listening and hearing. At a time of mass communication when messages, tweets and posts are for everyone, anyone—this was only for you.
— Helen Paris, Performance Research

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