For You, is a series of performance works created specifically for selected audiences of 12 people.

We curate diverse audiences by discovering shared themes, patterns, and ideas. We create a performance based on our experiences of getting to know the selected 12 and present the work exclusively for them. We create experiences for strangers to see each other in new ways, come together for shared encounters, and develop micro-communities through creative and radical intimacy. Our culminating performance might take place in a black box theater, or it might unravel over a three day road trip to Las Vegas.

You can apply for free to be an audience member by submitting a few materials: a self portrait, a map of your home, a note on why you're applying, and a postcard. We encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to apply; the only requirements are your time and curiosity. All submissions will be displayed on our online gallery. Application deadlines are posted online and updated regularly.

For You, is an intimate adventure. It all depends on you.

Join us.